Tasmania Day 5 – Huon Valley

Set off from Electrona to go south on the Huon Trail, home of the Huon Pine. First stop was at the Huon information centre and Honey Pot for some local prickly box honey, mead and postcards. Talking to the local apiarist we discovered that Tasmania doesn’t have african hive beetle (yet) and only get a 1% infection rate of american foul brood as opposed to 3% on the mainland, so say!

Second stop was at Geevston Bakery for a Devonshire cream tea for elevensies. I’ve been hanging out for one for a while. The scone was lovely but I was more than a bit miffed the jam wasn’t locally made given jam fruits are one of Tasmania’s specialties!

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Tasmania Day 4 – Happy Christmas!


20131225_141436Eating, eating, some present unwrapping, some more eating, some tying of bows onto dogs to make them look more christmassy, some more eating, film watching (Elf) and more eating 🙂

Time for a cup of tea I think!

Took a trip to local Snug Falls for a post feast bracing constitutional before sundown. Beautiful. Photos to come.

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Tasmania Day 3 – Hobart

After a quick toast breakfast this morning we plugged in Hobart city centre to the satnav and set off with the view that we’d stop at any interesting places on the way.

Our first stop was Derwent Estate Vineyard next to the River Derwent. It was the first one we’d seen signposted so far so was a must for some christmas tipple. We got a pack of lovely crisp cider (which apparently they’d only put on the market last Wednesday) and a bottle of sparkling rose made from pinot noir grapes, Mat’s favourite.

Second stop jyst down the road was at a roadside vendor for a fresh punnet of strawberries.

South Sandy Bay, HobartThird stop, after driving through Hobart centre, was The Nosebag cafe at Sandy Bay for a second breakfast of eggs benedict and coffee. We followed this with a stroll on the beach and a dipping of toes in the sea. It was pretty cold at first but very refreshing and there was someone swimming.

Fourth stop was Ashmore Fish Factory and Tas Live Abalone in Mornington for some oysters, prawns and abalone. We ate the oysters straight away, a taste to rival Sydney rock oysters for sure, and fridged the prawns for tomorrow’s christmas feast. Neither of us have tried abalone before so the man at the shop took us on a quick tour showing us dried, vacuum packed, tinned and live abalone. They are very large meaty looking things and not cheap. We settled on a vacuum pack of two for $78!

Cascade BreweryFrom buying fish we were going to go straight to my Cousin Sarah’s house but then Mat spotted the Cascade Brewery just up the road so we thought as we’d already been to Boag’s in Launceston we should really pay Cascade’s a visit also. The grounds were beautiful and the brewery itself was a very old convict built building; very picturesque. We had to wait until 2.15 for the tour so took the opportunity for some light refreshment (using our beer tokens before) at the bar and a stroll through the grounds.

After the tour we drove the final stretch down to Electrona to Sarah’s house for a family christmas.

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Riverside Park Campsite (Camps7 #135)

This campsite was in Bracknell just under 40km southwest of Launceston near Liffey Falls. I wasn’t expecting much as it was so close to civilisation but it was right on the Liffey River and a beautiful little spot. We were going to try #57 at Liffey Falls but that one wasn’t dog friendly whereas this one was.

There were a couple of older couples already there who were very friendly and had a female Jack Russell called Sandy who provided a little canine distraction for Scrumpy. We picked a secluded spot down the end with a gentle sloping access to the river.

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Tasmania Day 1 – Launceston

Woke up to steady drizzle and discovered the rooftop tent is waterproof so long as thinds inside don’touch the sides. A few of our clothes got a bit wet and one corner of the duvet but nothing serious.

We skipped a camp breakfast in favour of getting back on the road. We decided to head to Launceston, one of the few big towns likely to be open on a Sunday, for proper supplies. Stopped en-route at Etc Bakehouse in Elizabeth Town for coffee and breakfast. A lovely eatery, obviously used to a plethora of passing tourists, with their own bakery and bonus gluten free bread. I bought a loaf for our travels as my stomach has been a bit gippy of late!

Once at Launceston we headed to a book shop first for a copy of Tassie 4X4 which Mat had seen on the ferry but wasn’t for sale. Then we went to the camping shop, Anaconda, to get some canvas waterproofer for the tent and extras. I bought some North Face quick dry trousers, more merino socks and another merino thermal top and Mat bought a pair of hiking boots, all in the sale. I think it will pay to have good outdoor clothing given the changable weather we’ve had so far.

After Anaconda we did a quick Coles stop for food supplies before heading to the James Boag Brewery for the 3 O’clock tour.

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