My first very own website… Yay!

Wow, well here I am in Kazakhstan with Chris and Irina and I’m writing my very first post on my new blog on my very own domain.

It’s 4.30 in the morning here. We spent an enjoyable evening at a restaurant with Chris and Irina’s friend Oleg who has just come back from Moscow after finishing University there. We then came back to the flat and spent the next 4.5 hours playing monopoly (I just watched for the majority of it as I went bankrupt in the first hour or so) and after Oleg departed we watched an episode of Scrubs before realising the sun had begun to rise and it really was time we should be going to bed.

However, I decided I would just stay up a little while longer to post my first blog as it took me and Chris practically all day to set it up (I decided I wanted a customised template and it took us quite a few bodges before we got it to my liking).

So here it is… welcome to

There will be more to follow but right now I really have to go to bed 🙂

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