Happy Birthday Astana

Today is the day of Astana (it became the new capital of Kazakhstan almost ten years ago). I am very lucky to be over here to partake in the celebrations. Irina’s dad has kindly got us tickets to go to the main concert tonight being held in the square near the Presidential Palace where I believe there will be many bands playing; Kazakh, Russian and international, and also a big firework display. It should be much fun.

Yesterday evening we went ice skating at the new ice rink in Astana which Chris and Irina had not been to before either. Accompanying us was Chris and Irina’s friend Losha, a very nice lad who is the son of one of Irina’s dad’s work colleagues.
We got there just before 9 o’clock and had an hour on the ice. It was fantastic as there were only two other people there. By 9.30 we had the whole rink to ourselves, much to mine and Chris’ joy as we are not quite as experienced as Irina and Losha, who by then were whizzing round like they had been born on the ice. It was so much fun not having to worry about looking ahead for a space in which to skate, only to get there and find someone else has got there first so you go smacking into them and end up having to endlessly apologise, or worse, help someone up off the ground that you splatted in your inexperience!

Once we had finished skating we went to the bar/restaurant for a drink and something to eat. I decided it was about time that I tried out vodka again after feeling fully recovered from my disaster when I first arrived over a week ago (I drank way past my limit and ended up being violently sick all the next day until evening). Well what do you expect when the last time I had a proper drink was about five years ago?

This time I requested that Chris keep an eye on the amount I was consuming and to order me to stop before I was likely to make myself sick. It worked… just. After the first double I was floating nicely and after the second double (which Losha was keen to pour almost straight away after the first) I felt pretty pissed to be honest. It was a nice pissed though and it felt good to be amongst friends.

[More to come soon but I have to go out]

Losha Me and Chris back at the flat

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