Astana Day

I felt very honoured to be at the celebratory concert yesterday as it was limited entry and there were many citizens of Astana that were not able to get in. It just goes to show it always helps to have friends in high places (i.e. Irina’s dad).

Once we managed to get past security (which was a trial that deserves a post of its own) we found our allocated seats that were very comfy and gave a good view.
The night consisted of various warm up artists that performed a song each and were not modern pop but slightly more traditional, some being sung in the native Kazakh language (which is a bit like Welsh in Wales).
The artists then began to sing a few more songs each, presumably as they increased in popularity and status. Not having any knowledge of Russian or Kazakh pop charts I didn’t really know what I was listening to so just sat back and enjoyed the fact that it was live music.

At roughly 11 o’clock the music stopped and there was a long pause as we heard the carnival outside gradually getting closer (many participants of which were professionals apparently imported from Rio de Janeiro or somewhere similar).
Before the carnival entered there were some big drum rolls and music whilst the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, arrived.

To be continued…

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