Back To Work… Almost

Today was supposed to be my first day back at work after my holiday. However, after spending all day yesterday tidying up and starting my long overdue sewing project, and the fact that the Saturday before I flew home from Kazakhstan I didn’t go to bed but instead stayed up all night with Chris playing computers, I felt so drained I decided to take another day off. I am very lucky that I have understanding work colleagues.

Not that I spent much time relaxing. I spent another five hours grappling with large sheets of material, sharp pins and a ginger cat that decided to sit right in the middle of everything and bite me if I tried to make him budge. I was trying to finish the robe I am making ready for use at my first proper Wiccan ceremony next week. I should have started it weeks ago but surprise surprise, I have more or less left it until the last minute again. Although by starting it now I have at least got the weekend left to finish off any loose ends.

Just as well too, because about eight hours later I have only just managed to stitch the main body and sleeves together. I still have the hem, cuffs and neckline to finish off and then the whole thing has to be dyed. Though to be fair, considering the last time I used a sewing machine was about fourteen years ago at school (and that was just to make a simple cushion as far as I recall), I’m pretty damn chuffed with the results. Who knows, today a simple robe, next week “the Dryad Designs Collection”!

Well maybe not, but it would be fun to make some of my own simple clothes like skirts perhaps. But here I go again, thinking up yet more projects to fill up my ever so empty (not) life.

I did in fact sort of go back to work today as I spent the evening at my Aunty’s helping her with her accounts which I generally do twice a week. All in all I haven’t really stopped since coming home – what a surprise! And here I am at 11.30 at night on my computer when I should be getting an early night as I promised myself I would go to the gym tomorrow before work. Yuck, that means getting up at 6am. Hmm, if I don’t go I will kick myself; I feel like I’ve put on a stone whilst on holiday.

So, you are probably thinking where are all my tales of what I got up to in Kazakhstan? Well, I am going to post them over the next week or so in between my daily accounts of what’s going on in the here and now. This way I can take my time and make sure I get the details right. It takes a lot of effort, this writing malarky you know. I must be mad!

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