Pigeon PP Spyware Problem

Since I have got back from holiday I have been getting a pop up from my Virgin Media PCguard saying it has found Pigeon PP spyware on my PC but is unable to delete it. I’m not quite sure how it got there as I didn’t see it before I went away. My dad was using my pc while I was away to update his PC and contatc job agencies but being the extra cautious person that he is I very much doubt he would have done anything untoward.

So yesterday i decided it was about time I had a look into it and after typing Pigeon PP into google I came across cableforum.co.uk that showed a lot of other people with the same problem. There were lots of suggestions on how to try and get rid of it. I opted for downloading a free version of Ad-Aware 2007 and then running the scan in safe mode, even though one person had said he’d tried this with no success.

On first scan it picked up three different things, one being Win32.Backdoor.Hupigon which I can only presume was what I was looking for. It had three files and four registry entries whereas the other two just had one registry entry each. I deleted all the offending items and proceeded to do another scan to see if it had removed them all.

The second scan showed that there was one Hupigon thing left so I deleted it again and did another scan, the results of which showed nothing to be found. I’d like to think that I have got rid of the thing, the pop ups from Virgin Media PCguard have certainly stopped appearing, but having read the forum again I have discovered a lot more posts that make me have doubts.

One guy posted “This is not spyware as reported by pcguard ntlguard etc it IS a backdoor trojan so spyware wont remove it”. Another person has said it could be linking itself to “system restore” so that it is impossible to remove and to get rid of it you need to disable system restore. Then boot your PC in safe mode and run your antivirus and antispyware so that without the protection of system restore the virus can be identified and deleted.
Another person said they’d tried running Ad-Aware SE and SpyBot Search & Destroy both in safe mode and it hadn’t been able to get rid of it.

Well, I don’t know about all that. All I know is that for now my PC seems ok. I’m just a bit worried it’s still virused but now just looks healthy. Time will tell I suppose, I will just have to keep a beady eye on my bank and credit card statements!

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