Meditation For Self Worth

For various reasons I have been a little lacking in self worth lately. So… what to do about it?

Well, due to my boss being on holiday I have been taking my aunty’s dog to work with me for the last week and have relished the opportunity to take her for a walk up Leckhampton hill each morning before work. I love to go walking; I find it gives me a momentary feeling of peace and helps to put Life’s problems in perspective, however, I rarely get around to doing it unless I have the excuse of walking the dog, plus it’s just so much more rewarding when you see her little face light up in the delight of being able to run free and have a good explore.

So, this morning when I got up to the top of the hill I took my usual breather just before the viewpojnt above Devil’s Chimney and overlooking the Cripetts fishing lakes. Instead of simply taking in the magnificent view, however, I decided to try a meditation to try and rejuvinate myself and fill myself with positive thoughts.

Closing my eyes, as I breathed out I started to imagine roots growing from my feet down into the earth being pushed down with my breath. Then as I breathed in I imagined pushing shoots up and out of my head and shoulders up towards the sky. With each breath my roots got bigger and shoots longer like the branches of a big tree and I started to imagine a blue energy being drawn up my roots from the earth, through my body and out via my branches, cleansing and healing as it went.

Once I had got a good energy flowing I then addressed the elements one by one; first I felt the air on the breeze, cool and cleansing against my skin; then I absorbed the fire of the sun revitalising and energising me as I felt it hot on my face; next I bent down and ran the wet dew from the grass through my fingers, feeling it cleansing me like the element of water; lastly I felt the earth beneath me, the vibrations against my roots grounding me.

This done I felt a little more balanced and to boost myself even more I imagined a beautiful golden rain falling from above and showering me in it’s warmth. As it ran down my branches and body I visualised all the negative thoughts about myself that I had been feeling lately being washed away and carried down deep into the ground where they could be converted into harmless energies and be safely released. As I did this I repeated to myself over and over “I am a wonderful person, just the way I am”.

Once I felt I had done this for long enough I let the golden rain peter out and then slowly withdrew my roots on my in breaths and my branches on my out breaths, until I was just me again standing in the sunshine on top of the hill.

This definitely helped with increasing my feeligs of self worth and I was able to continue with my walk in a much more positive frame of mind. Of course, I realise I am by no means perfect, but when I was thinking about being a wonderful person I was concentrating on ridding myself of those silly self critisisms that we all get from time to time. The ones that, rationally, we know aren’t justified but attack us when we are feeling nervous or unsure of ourselves.

It is not generally easy to rid ourselves of negative thoughts and I have been especially good at concentrating on them lately. However, I definitely recommend getting out into nature and perhaps trying my meditation or one of your own to give yourself a positive boost.

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