Reason For Absence – Man!

Ok, so where to start?

The reason for my extended absence of posts is not all down to laziness but partly due to a certain new someone in my life. I have mentioned him before and if you have read my previous posts about my tree surgery escapades you will recognise the name Mat.

After my second day’s work experience with the tree surgery Louise and me decided to go for a drink in Stroud. We are good friends and often have long and meaningful chats about life, the universe and everything. However, during this particular evening I found my mind straying somewhat to thoughts of Mat and how I wished he wasn’t off to work in Australia in less than two weeks. As the evening wore on he began to crop up in conversation more and more until it was obvious to Louise I was ‘interested’ so to speak. We had already discussed the prospect of me buying his Toyota Hilux which he was selling and decided that I should ring him to see if this was a viable option. As it was, he didn’t answer his phone so I texted him instead (Oh the wonders of modern technology!).

And bingo, a conversaton by text then insued and didn’t come to an end until well into the early hours of the morning by which time he had asked me out and I had agreed to go to the cinema with him the following evening! A pretty crazy thing to do you may think, considering his impending travels to Oz, but at the time I thought (very naively) that all be it short and sweet, it would be a mighty shame not to at least spend a little bit of time with someone who seemed like they might be on the same wavelength as me. In addition – how can I put this? – plain and simply, I fancied the pants off him 🙂

Thursday evening was fantastic. I met him in Stroud and dumped my car, then jumped into his truck and we went for a drive. We ended up on Minchinhampton Common where he let me have a go at the wheel to try out a bit of off roading for beginners. It was nowhere near as wierd to drive as I thought it would be, in fact, the Hilux is barely wider than a normal car and visibility is very good. Plus you get a great sense of being bigger and better than everyone else! Definitely a vehicle that suits my character – a quirky style that makes a bold statement without being posey.

After our little jaunt we went to the cinema and saw The Bourne Ultimatum – very good and, if you liked the first two, I would definitely recommend it. We then went back to the Hilux and Mat took me on another tour of Minchinhampton, where he lived, and the surrounding area. We spent a fantastic time back on the common, chatting and looking at the stars – Wow, someone else who finds star gazing as awe inspiring as me! – before going back to my car. However, instead of saying goodbye and going our separate ways we spent another good two hours just chatting some more in the car park. Basically it was 2am again before we finally decided we should think about getting some sleep and it was with regret that I had to get back into my little Peugeot 206 and drive all the way back to Churchdown. But not, I hasten to add, before stealing a very very nice kiss and agreeing to meet up again very soon!

So that is the beginning of my story, but you will have to wait a while for the next installment as it is time for me to make a phonecall to Australia!

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