Off To A Land Down Under

I’ve done it again haven’t I? It’s been virtually a month since my last post and so much has happened I don’t know where to start.

Basically, after my first date with Mat we spent every day, bar two, together until his departure for Australia on 3rd September. I went with him to the airport and I don’t mind saying I shed more than a few tears as we shared our last embrace and I then had to watch him disappear out of sight. It was at this point that I truely realised how naive I had been to think I could maintain my facade to myself that our relationship was ‘just a bit of fun’. I don’t know about ‘love at first sight’ but in this case it was most definitely ‘love in ten days’ for me.

Me and Mat A picture of me and Mat before leaving for the airport 3.9.07

Needless to say, after telling myself in the preceeding week that there was no way I was going to Australia, I had my flight booked by the end of the week. Three weeks in November would be a long enough holiday to see if we were still as mad about each other as we thought we were and then I could seriously consider the prospect of moving out there with him in the Spring, or that was my thinking anyway.

Once Mat arrived in Oz we spoke to each other at least once a day and it was obvious we were developing a strong bond. I had booked my flight on the Friday and by the Saturday I was starting to have serious doubts over whether I was doing the right thing. By this I mean I had quickly lost the ‘on top of the world’ feeling and was starting to realise that spending a glorious three weeks with Mat, only to have to leave him again to come home, was going to be heart breaking at the very least and more likely simply nigh on impossible.

We had a chat about it and, after assuring myself that he felt the same way about me as I did about him, we came to the slightly mad decision that I should just fly out in November and not come back. This has got to be about the craziest thing I will have done in my whole entire life but it’s now nearly six weeks later and I am as sure about the whole thing now as i have ever been about anything ever. We have grown so close over the period he has been away and after goodness knows how much cost in phone calls (I have not had the bill yet) I can honestly say I am certain that I have found my soul mate.

We have so much in common and the areas in which we differ just compliment each other and add to our bond. I am pleased to say that in the last week or so Mat has managed to get an internet connection and we now talk on messenger or skype (gods bless webcam as we can now see each other as well). This really is an amazing thing as I think our longest phone call so far has been five hours – I am so dreading that phone bill, although to be fair I think Mat bore most of that one!

Mat started work at his new climbing job yesterday and is now based in Collaroy near Sydney. We are probably going to get an appartment there when I arrive, hopefully within walking distance from the beach, and I just can’t wait. I am doing my best to get organised this end but haven’t got very far yet. I will probably end up leaving most of my organising until after I leave work at the end of this month, but then that’s me all over. I will do my best to make more regular posts here but I’m not going to be unrealistic and promise anything. I am not particularly good at coping with stress at the best of times and stressed is how I feel at the moment, in between feeling completely love sick and missing Mat like crazy.

Anyway, that is my brief update on things for now.

P.s. Mathew – I love you x

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