Last Day at Work and Very Pissed!

It is my last day at work today before I leave to pack and go to Australia to be with my soul mate on the 10th of November.

Wow, I’m so excited it’s unreal. However, right now I am also extremely pissed so I thought it would be funny to take the opportunity of writing a post while my boss is in a meeting with a client.

Bless Alan, he can be a git sometimes but he can also be really nice. He has just taken me and Michelle and also our temp, Lucy, out for a fantastic meal at Flynn’s in Montpellier for lunch. Diana couldn’t make it unfortunately, as her broken wrist is still causing her much pain. But I decided as it was my last day that I would drink some vodka!

Now my intention was not to get totally sloshed beyond hope of driving myself home but just faintly tipsy so I felt nice and relaxed and could say I once got pissed at an office thingamy wotsit. You see, I don’t normally drink at all cos I hate the stuff but since going to Kazakhstan back in June/July to see my friends Chris and Irina, Chris introduced me to vodka.

Well, I had three vodkas and felt very merry and good but with our dessert Alan had the silly idea of ordering me a double vodka to finish. Now if that isn’t bad enough I also had two snowballs to wash it all down with as opposed to my usual coke, so as they contain advocat, which I think is rum based or something, this is just more alcohol added to the mixture.

Right now I am trying to finish one last tax return but am in a quandry as to whether I should dive down to the toilets and concentrate on not being sick. I think I should be fine but certainly feel a little worse for ware/wear? Fotunately Lucy has offered to drive me home which I think is a very good idea. The last thing I want is to be done for drink driving when I am about to leave the country in 10 days – 10 days , WOW! I can’t wait. I am so in love with Mat it is unreal. He truely is my soul mate and I wish he was here now cos I really really miss him. Still, not long to go, not long at all. Well that is what I keep telling myself anyway. Even though it seems like it’s going to be the longest ten days in my whole entire life!

Right well, now Alan is not in a meeting with a client any more and I guess I should really finish this last tax return. I am going to have to come in tomorrow though a) to pick up my truck and b) to clear my desk and set everything in order because I need to face the fact that I am simply not going to achieve that in the next 12 minutes.

Chris, this is all your fault. I’m blaming you, soully for the reason that before visiting you in Kazakhstan I would not have dreamed of drinking, let alone five shots of vodka. Oh dear, I don’t think I am going to get much done tonight in the way of organising for Oz. Especially as I got up at 4.30am this morning, unintentionally to check the time on my computer because my mobile had been playing up, and then ended up chatting to Mat on messenger video call thingy until 7.10am.

Anyway, it’s now 5pm and Lucy needs to go so that means I’m going to have to go. It’s been a good day all in all and I am sad to have to say goodbye to my lovely work colleagues as they have all been so nice to me and Anderson Griffin has been a happy place to work in for the last two years. I will have to come back tomorrow as I haven’t had a chance to clear my desk and quite frankly I’m just too pissed. Bah, I even managed to lose half of this post in between trying to publish it so now I’m having to quickly try and remember what I said in the last few paragraphs.

Nevermind, it’s all probably going to be laughable later anyway. I have pictures from the restaurant of us all to post so hopefully will get those done later tonight at some point in between trying to sober up and waiting for Mat to wake up so I can talk to him.

My work leaving party 31.10.07 From left: Alan, Michelle, Me and Lucy

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