Ready And Waiting To Start My Longhaul Flight To Oz Land

Wow, what a stressful and hectic day it has been.

I am finally packed and ready to go, virtually. Am having a last ditch attempt at ripping as many CDs to my porrtable hard drive as possible so I have some music to take with me. I have left everything till the last minute as usual but there really isn’t any surprises there!

I spent all day packing up my stuff to store in my aunty and uncle’s loft and trying to decide which books and DVDs to take with me. Afterall the effort I weighted my luggage and found myself to be 5kgs over the limit so had to ditch the DVDs and some of my books. I found this very hard and am going to miss my books like crazy. I am thinking that maybe once I start earning in Australia I can treat myself to a little parcel once a month if I ask my aunty to kindly pack up a few books and send them out to me.

As for my cats, well, neither of them are to be seen at the moment so I hope they emerge for a farewell cuddle before I go. At least they are able to stay where they are at my aunty’s and hopefully not get too stressed at my departure. Now I know how Mat must have felt when he had to leave his Jack Russell, Eddie, behind at his brother’s.

It has been a very hard week for me, having to say goodbye to all my dear friends and family. Regretfully there are a couple who I haven’t managed to see before I go but I hope they will understand and not bear me any ill will.

I can’t believe that I am nearly ready to start my journey. I have about fifteen minutes before I need to have a shower and pop the last little things into my suitcase before having an hours chillout with my aunty over some muesli and a nice cup of yorkshire tea. Then my dad is kindly picking me up at 4am with my brother to give me a lift to Heathrow ready for my flight at 10.10am. We are going early so we can have a nice english breakfast before I have to check in which will be nice.

I’m feeling a little strange at the moment because I know it will be the last time I see my family for quite a while. I am going to miss them all very much but especially my brother, to whom I have grown exceedingly close to in the last seven years. I feel bad about leaving him but hopefully he will be ok and we will still be able to catch up on mesenger and the like at regular intervals.

At the same time I am feeling hugely excited and can’t quite believe that after ten weeks apart I am actually going to be seeing the love of my life in about 45 hours, presuming my flights are on time. Wow, wow, wow! I can’t put it into words how emotional I am feeling at the moment. What an adventure I am going on. Inever would have thought I was capable of such a giant step, but then I suppose that’s love for you!

Well, it’s now 1.57am and I better go and start my final organising. Hopefully I should arrive safe and sound in sunny Sydney very soon and will be able to make a post from half way round the world to let you know how the journey went.

Bye for now, wish me luck 🙂

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