Australia – I’m Here!

Ok, so this post is a little late as I have been here exactly a week now. I should have posted a short piece when I first arrived to let everyone know I arrived safe and sound but what can I say? Mat and I had a lot of catching up to do, lol 🙂

To give a brief run down:

Day 1
Arrived finally and tried not to be the last person off the plane. I thought I had accomplished this successfully but somehow managed to be one of the last through customs (Kazakhstan trip all over again). After customs we picked up our luggage and had to queue for declarations. This is where you have to declare any dodgy items in your luggage which includes allsorts like food, medicine, plants, items made of wood (?), footware with mud on them! Mat had warned me about this and told me to make sure all my shoes were clean, however, in the panic of things this is something I had managed to overlook. I therefore had to answer a load of questions as to where I had been walking to aquire such a lot of mud on my walking boots and had I been near farm animals in the last 6 months. I then, after being one of the last left, had to wait another painful 10 minutes while a lady took my boots away to clean them. Once returned to me I must say they were the cleanest they have been in about a year, however, as I was about to see Mat properly for the first time in 10 weeks this wasn’t exactly at the forefront of my mind. I ran as fast as I could with all my luggage down the corridor to the outside world and where I was hoping Mat would be waiting. After a few moments of wildly scanning the crowd I spotted his face in the distance gradually getting closer (I had taken so long he had gone to check the other arrival doors in case he had got the wrong one).

About half and hour after throwing our arms round each other and many hugs and kisses later we eventually managed to get our heads in gear enough to go and get a train back to Parramatta. This would be our base for the next few weeks before both starting work and going back to Collaroy where Mat’s work mates are based. Mat’s friend Paul has a lovely two bedroom flat 2 minutes walk from the Parramatta River and 10 minutes walk from the centre.

As it was Paul’s birthday we went out in the evening to the Bull & Bush at Baulkham Hills. This was a bar/restaurant recommended to us by Paul’s friend Sam, who met us there together with her friend Katy and two Aussie lads, one of which was her boyfriend (can’t remember their names as my head was too full of Mat at the time). We had a few wee drinks, mine being vodka and redbull (separate of course) and a lovely fish meal. Then Mat and I left the others playing pool while we caught a taxi back to the flat for an early(ish) night!

Day 2

More to come, promise…

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