Starting Work on Tuesday

Good news of sorts – Mat got an email yesterday to say his visa has been approved. This means that today was the last day of our holiday and on Tuesday Mat, and hopefully me as well, will start work at Plateau Tree Services. Tomorrow we will pack up the majority of our stuff and head over to Collaroy where we will be staying with a couple of young lads that work for the same company.

Although our holiday has come to an end it does mean that we will be both earning money, therefore not continuing to slowly eat into our savings, and also hopefully be able to get our own place that we can turn into a cosy little love nest just for two.

It’s going to be hard to start with, both getting used to working outside in a hot climate and having to share a two bedroom apartment between four. However, the end result is in site – Mat and myself finally living together properly, together – and I just can’t wait.

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