Change of Plan

We were supposed to go to Collaroy on Monday and stay with Tom and Chris but as it was only a two bedroom flat Mat decided to phone the boss and see if there was another solution until we manage to sort our own place out.

He was kind enough to hire us a ute so instead of staying in Collaroy we could continue to stay with Paul in Parramatta and comute each day. We had to go and pick it up which took most of the day by the time we got home, what with having to catch the train into Sydney, then the ferry to Manley and then the bus to the hire centre but what a result – now we have transport and we get to keep our own room and continue to live in comfort (I was not relishing the thought of having to share with a couple of teenage lads lol).

Mat started work today but as everyone was very busy it was decided I wouldn’t start until tomorrow. It was very strange, after spending two solid weeks together, to kiss goodbye to Mat at 5.30am this morning and then have a whole day by myself. I spent the morning having a good tidy up and and then ventured into town all by myself for the first time. By now I know where I am going and pootled around the Westfield Mall picking up a few things here and there. It was quite fun but I certainly couldn’t spend days on my own long term. I think the lack of social interaction would drive me mad.

Well, now it’s about time I went to bed as it will be an early start for us both tomorrow. I’m not sure what I will be doing but Mat seems to think I wil spend my first day doing stuff around the office getting things sorted out. I guess I will just have to wait and see.

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