Blog Fairy Has Visited

Alex doesn’t have internet access for a while, so I just thought I would take this opportunity to introduce myself… I’m the little guy that lives in her server, and occasionally bodges code or script until things work as they are supposed to.

Her friend (Chris) pointed out to me that the Next/Previous page links, when viewnig the main blog index pages, and the Next/Previous post links when viewing individual posts were both missing 🙁

Although not perhaps as the theme’s author originally intended, both types of links are now present. All I need to think about some time is rediscovering the FTP details so I can magically upgrade her blog to WordPress 2.3.1 and also install a patch for a plugin of hers.

Anyway enough of me, just remember close your eyes, clap your hands, and say you believe in fairies, else I will will cop it, and then who will fix the blog?

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