New Year 2008 in Sydney

Well, we travelled to Sydney via the ferry from Parramatta and arrived in Circular Key around 5.30pm. Festivities were just starting to get under way with more and more people arriving by the minute, all either on their way to pre-arranged places with ticket entry only, or just finding a spot to park themselves for the night. We started off by getting ourselves a luxury ice cream and just standing for a while watching all the hustle and bustle around us.

Ice creams finished we set off to find a convenience store from which to stock up on munchie food and drink for the night. This important task accomplished we then made our way over to the north side of Sydney Harbour Bridge where we had spotted a nice little green patch of grass as we went past in the ferry. We decided the best plan of action was to park ourselves somewhere with a good view of the bridge, not too near to Circular Key that we would be sardined in with millions of people, but still close enough that we could feel part of the festivities.

View of Sydney Harbour Bridge from our bench Me & Mat on our bench, New Year Sydney after dark, New Year

When we found the patch of grass we were looking for we were lucky enough to also find an unoccupied bench. Above shows our view of the bridge from the bench, a picture of us on our bench and a view of the bridge and Sydney after dark.

We sat on our bench for the next three hours, drinking, eating and chatting, waiting for the first firework show at 9pm.

Fireworks in Sydney, New Year 2008 1 Fireworks in Sydney, New Year 2008 2 Fireworks in Sydney, New Year 2008 3

These are some of the better pictures I took of the 9 o’clock show. They were let off, not from the Bridge but from a big building which was being used as the police HQ just behind us (we only realised it was the police HQ when the whole show was over and we were going home – we had been wondering why so many policemen kept walking past all night – doh!).

Once the first fireworks were over we decided to leave our bench and go for a little wander to stretch our legs and also to find some toilets. We didn’t have to go far before we realised how crowded it was more towards the centre on the other sode of the bridge. The picture hasn’t come out very well but I tried to take one to demonstrate the crowds:

New Year 2008 Crowds

We managed to successfully negotiate our way through the crowds and find a load of porta loos (that even had toilet paper still in them!) and then treated ourselves to some battered sausages on sticks before making our way back to our spot. The bench had since been reoccupied, not surprisingly, so we made ourselves comfy under a tree on the grass and began our wait for the New Year.

When it finally came we weren’t really expecting it as we had both lost track of time. The Harbour Bridge suddenly came alive with flashing lights and loud cracks and bangs as the proper fireworks began. I was a little late in getting my camera going and missed some of the best ones but here are some I took of the Bridge as it was lit up. I really liked the way the smoke came raining down afterwards.

New Year 2008 Sydney fireworks New Year 2008 Sydney fireworks New Year 2008 Sydney fireworks New Year 2008 Sydney fireworks New Year 2008 Sydney fireworks

Lol, if we thought we would get home quickly because we had chosen the public transport option we were very mistaken. Once the show was over it took us over half an hour to walk the normal five minutes to the train station entrance. We queued here for maybe another fifteen minutes before it was blatantly obvious we were not going to get into the station any time soon, let alone catch a train. Mat came up with the cunning plan of taking a fifteen minute walk to the next nearest train station – result – we got into the station and eventually caught the third train going our way (the first two were full) about 45 mintues later! We got home to Parramatta at about 3.30am – not bad really and it was definately worth it for the experience 🙂

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