Sunset at North Head & a Bandicoot

On Sunday evening Mat and myself had an early tea and then decided to go for a little drive to investigate our local patch. Our intention was to find a nice secluded spot with a view to park up and chill out for a bit whilst taking in the scenery. We drove around for a while, not finding anywhere that quite fitted our requirement when Mat had an idea. He plugged something into Mayweed, our Navman and told me to just follow the instructions (I was driving).

After driving a fair way and eventually ending up in Manly I continued until we came to a road with a big sign telling people to drive very carefully due to the local endangered bandicoot population. After following the little winding road for some time over many speed bumps we eventually came to the intended spot. There were several car parks all overlooking the most amazing view of the coast and Sydney in the distance. Even more spectacular was that we had arrived just in time for the sunset and I promptly got out my camera to take some pictures.

sunset-at-north-head-manly-002.jpg sunset-at-north-head-manly-007.jpg sunset-at-north-head-manly-026.jpg

It was obviously a popular spot for people wanting to view the sunset as there were a lot of other cars there with everyone doing similar things. One bloke in the car right next to ours was obviously there to just chill like us and was playing some nice chilling music so there was no need for our own; a bit of Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Placebo, Johnny Cash and such like. A couple of cars pulled up on the other side of us containing a lot of Japanese people. They all piled out and were lining up for a big family picture which was cool. Then after they left another car pulled up, an elderly couple got out and went and sat on the edge of the viewpoint on their camping chairs. They had also brought with them some cigerettes to smoke and a bottle of wine complete with glasses which was really cool. I told Mat, and he agreed, that it wold be cool if that were us in our later years 🙂

After sitting for a while on the bonnet of our ute and just enjoying the slowly setting sun we made a move at 8.30 ish (we had to be in bed early so that we could be up at 5am the next morning). Just as we were leaving it suddenly started to pelt it down with rain so we were perfectly timed. As we made our way back down the now dark road Mat suddenly slowed to a stop. There at the side of te road was a smallish black shape of a mammal with a long nose on its hind legs looking at us. As we looked closer it went back down onto all fours, turned around and pottered off into the bush. It definitely wasn’t a possum so we can only assume it was a bandicoot.

After arriving home we looked up a photo of the bandicoot on the internet and we are sure what we saw was a long-nosed bandicoot. How cool is that?

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