Happy Announcement

Some of you may have noticed that I have updated my relationship status on Facebook to show that Mat and I are engaged to be married 🙂

Yes, last Friday I decided to take advantage of the fact it was the 29th of February (a leap day or intercalary day as it seems to be known as here in Oz) and as tradition allows, propose to Mat.

The tradition of women proposing on this one day in every four years is said to stem back to Saint Patrick and Saint Bridget in 5th century Ireland. Saint Bridget complained that the nuns were unhappy about their lack of control over marriage proposals (celibacy vows were not a requirement then) so Saint Patrick agreed to give them the right to propose one day in every four years. Upon this, Saint Bridget proposed to Saint Patrick to which he declined, but to soften the blow he gave her a kiss and a silk gown. This gave rise to another tradition whereby men who refuse a women’s leap day proposal must pay a fine, ranging from a kiss to a silk gown. I am happy to say I will be claiming no such fine.

We have been together just over six months now and although to some of you this may seem a very short time I am in no doubt whatsoever of my love for him and his for me. Considering the huge upheavals we have both been through recently it has served only to make us more sure of our commitment to each other. He really is my soul mate, someone I was in doubt of ever finding, and I feel like I am the luckiest person alive.

So the next question is when? We will definitely be returning to the UK to tie the knot and both share the wish for an open air ceremony and celebrations, therefore dictating the most suitable time to be British Summer (ha ha, as suitable as it can be when under the mercy of British weather). With Spring already underway we feel we need longer than one season to organise the event so propose Summer 2009.

All going well, Mat’s dad has kindly said he will host the reception in his field in Minchinhampton where we will have a pig roast (or if Mat has his way, a pig, lamb and venison roast). Grass will be in abundance for vegetarians with maybe the odd turnip thrown in if we can afford it (JOKE 😛 before any of you get offended!) On a serious note, all animals will have led a happy free range life before ending up on the spit and veggie delicacies will be provided.

Anyway, there we have it – an official announcement. We will of course keep you updated of further progress in the plans as we go.

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