Friday Beer Session

It has started to become a bit of a habit of mine and Mat’s now of finishing work on a Friday, going back to the yard for some Plateau beer (the boss buys a crate for the boys once a week if they’ve been good) and then going back to Gideon’s house for more beers (Gideon has his own tree surgery company but contracts for Plateau sometimes). This will have been the third Friday now, only this week there were no beers at the yard due to too many fag butts being left lying around!

Gideon has a fantastic house about five minutes drive from the yard. It’s a massive crib with a big workshop underneath to house all his kit and a big paddock on the side, perfect for hosting beer sessions and barbeques etc. And what a host he is! The Friday before last he provided all the beer and last Friday, all the beer again plus his girlfriend bought and prepared a lovely barbeque for us, Chris (aka Dolph Lundgren due to his massive stature) and his Canadian girlfriend Lindsey.

This week myself, Mat, Steve (aka The Inch due to his constant tales of and references to his “angry inch”) and Chris (sometimes known as Caravan Chris because he used to live in a caravan or Mr Bean due to his gait) went to the bottle shop/bottle’o (Aussie for off licence) handily located just over the road, to pick up a crate of beer first. When we arrived we found Gideon, Dolph, Lindsey and Christian already sat round a newly constructed beer table relaxing in true Aussie fashion.

It wasn’t long before we were all comfortably ensconced with beers in hands (I had a Red Bull as I was driving and don’t like beer anyway). Some people came and some people left and I decided to take some pictures to show you all. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me so had to make do with my mobile phone:

Beer at Gideon’s Beer at Gideon’s More beer bottles
Gideon, Chris, Steve, BJ and the back of Mat’s head plus a picture of the amount of beer consumed by 6.30pm!

I’m not entirely sure what happened with Steve but I don’t think he had much, if anything, to eat that day and consumed rather a bit more beer than everyone else, not to mention some of Gideon’s bacardi and coke. The end result was that he didn’t remember all the embarrassing things he did the next day and we could spend the whole weekend describing them to him in minute detail with and without embellishments! I am not so cruel as to recount them all here save to say we all got much laughter out of it.

Gideon & Steve Gideon & Steve Steve through beer goggles
Here are some not too embarrassing pictures of Steve giving Gideon some loving and then, I think, offering to take me on in an arm wrestle.

Later on in the evening we ordered a couple of pizzas from Stonehenge Pizza nearby. [If you live in the Terrey Hills area and require a pizza delivery I would definitely recommend Stonehenge Pizza; it was $50 for two pizzas but they were the biggest pizzas I have ever seen and were absolutely delicious] I thought that the food may have sobered Steve up a bit but it was not to be. We decided that as he was supposed to be being picked up at 5.30am for work the next day and both Chris and Gideon had to work as well that we should probably get going. Mat’s ute only fits three people in it (and this is an incredible squeeze) so I left Mat with Gideon and gave a lift home to Chris and Steve first (they both live in the same unit, together with Tom, another Pommy).

As I pulled up into their street we were welcomed by two flashing police cars outside their neighbours unit. I thought was going to be bad news when Chris opened the passenger door for Steve and he fell into a crumpled heap on the curbside. However, the police seemed engrossed in whatever was going on next door and uninterested by our antics. After a fair few minutes of getting Steve’s things together for him and attaching him to Chris’ arm I eventually waved them goodbye and went back for Mat.

Mat was waiting for me when I pulled up on Gideon’s drive and said that Gideon wasn’t fairing much better than Steve. Miraculously though, he made it to work the next day without a problem, whereas Steve, alas, did not. Lucky for me Mat is pretty sensible and by the time we got home we were both just somewhat tired and sank into bed after another fun Friday!

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