Sunday Breakfast, Surfing & Another BBQ!

Mat and I had a bit of a lie in on Sunday, finally getting up around 9am when Mat’s stomach started yelling at him (this is the usual factor that determines when we get up on the weekend and when you’re used to getting up between 5 and 5.30am, 9am is a considerable lie in). Unfortunately we had forgotten to go shopping and get bacon and mushrooms etc for our usual Sunday fry up so instead decided to go out for breakfast.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day so we thought we would drop in on the boys first, wake them up and see if they wanted to join us for brekkie. We all ended up piling down to Narrabeen and finding a little cafe that did freshly squeezed juices and the biggest fry ups you’ve ever seen. Not even Mat could finish his and that’s saying something! After breakfast we went to Warriewood Mall to do a quick spot of shopping before going home to change into our swimming gear, then back round to the boys’ to go surfing.

The surf was pretty pants on Collaroy beach but from what we could tell it wasn’t much better anywhere else so we decided to stay local. This time it was Chris who brought his camera and started happy snapping before we got in the sea:

The Famous Pommy Five on Collaroy Beach Three Surfer Dudes Picking on Tom Again Cis & Mat, Surf Dudes
It’s a shame I have my eyes closed in the first picture but it’s otherwise such a good one I had to include it.

Personally I enjoyed it a lot more with less waves. Normally it takes me at least ten minutes battling to get past them. I just think I’m out far enough to avoid the waves breaking on top of me and then one comes out of nowhere, smashes into me and sweeps me half way back to shore again.

Considering Mat’s board only cost him $15 he was very impressed with it. Not that any of them managed to get a decent surf that day as it was so calm, plus none of them are particularly experienced me thinks. Mat had one lesson from his sister’s friend when he was staying up on the Gold Coast and then went out once with the boys a month or so back so this was only his third time.

Tom and I were just content to float around throwing the ball at people when they weren’t looking and just generally taking the piss. It was glorious to be back in the sea as, what with the bad weather and general knackeredness, Mat and I hadn’t been swimming for over six weeks. Sinful really when you look at the pictures and see how fantastic it looks. Another partial reason is the fact that I detest washing my hair as it’s so long, so I never liked to go swimming unless it was due for a wash anyway. I think I’m going to have to have a rethink on that one as I can’t let my hair stop me from making the most out of living on one of the most exclusive stretches of beaches on the East coast.

So far we have actually gone swimming on Bondi beach, Manly, Long Reef, Collaroy and Narrabeen, but if you take a look on Google Earth you will see there are simply loads to choose from and we must make it our mission to try and explore more of them before the Winter sets in. In particular, the famous Palm Beach where Home & Away is filmed. We did do a job up there a while back and took some pictures but it was pretty cloudy and we didn’t actually walk on the beach.

After a blissful hour or so gently bobbing up and down in the waves we made our way back to shore. We were all hungry again by then (it was late afternoon) so Mat and I invited the boys back to our place for another barbeque. We went and got some meat while they went home to change and then all enjoyed another relaxing evening on our balcony. Chris downloaded his photos (some shown above) onto our laptop and we all made friends with each other on Facebook before Tom started looking at the clock and declaring it his bedtime.

This has got to have been the busiest and most social weekend we have had in a while and I am probably going to be a little tired at work tomorrow but it was good fun and at least I don’t have to worry about having a week of log humping and grinds shovelling ahead of me.

The Happy Couple

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