Goanna Stalking

Spot the Goanna 🙂

This was a video I took on my camera over the weekend whilst out at Milbrodale for the Tough Dog Tuff Truck Challenge 2008.

It’s another Lace Monitor (Varanus varius) but this one was somewhat more shy than the one we saw at Illawong Bay a couple of weeks ago. Mat and Tom spotted it whilst collecting firewood in the bush next to our campsite. I immediately grabbed my camera when I heard their shouting and made a very poor attempt at a David Attenborough (make that Sir David Attenborough) impression. On top of the fact that my quarry really didn’t want to be on film, Youtube seems to have compressed my video in such a way that the quality looks even poorer than the original.

Hmm, I should have taken Chris’ advice about videos and compressed it myself rather than letting Youtube have it’s wicked way with it. If I have time I will try and give it a tweak but until then it at least gives you an idea of how fast they can move – and yes Chris, this one is definitely a “Flaming Goanna”!

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