More Faults When Using Internet Explorer

I have just been having a play with my website, attempting to create a favicon.ico (i.e. a customised icon that will appear next to my url in the browser’s address bar). After testing it in my usual browser, Firefox, and finding it not working I had a look with Internet Explorer to see if this recognised my icon.

The result was “hooray” IE did recognise it but disaster – my latest post embedding a youtube video of my goanna stalking has a big blank patch where the video should be.

Oh crikey, I really don’t know what I am going to do about this. When it comes to techie stuff I am a complete blagger, I am playing around with things I really don’t understand here and know nothing about programming. It probably doesn’t help that my theme for my blog was bodged in the first place. Maybe I just need to start afresh with a new theme that is nice and clean and enlist the help of my very dear friend the blog fairy (aka Chris M), when he is back from his birthday trip to Amsterdam of course… in fact make that a good while after his return from Amsterdam to ensure full recovery 🙂

Anyway, short term answer to the video problem is – I will post a link to my video on youtube in addition to the embedding for those that insist on using IE. For those of you open to change, for a better brighter future, download Firefox here and use instead!

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