Today is International Earth Day!

I opened my internet browser today to be greeted by the usual ‘Google’ on the Google homepage looking a little different – you know how they change their standard format when it is a special day and decorate the ‘Google’ with something relevant? – well today the ‘Google’ was in the form of trees with grass, a waterfall and mountains in the background, thus:

Earth Day Google

“How cool” I thought to myself, “I wonder what that can mean”? Well, when you run your cursor over the customized ‘Google’ it tells you what the special occasion is and today is Earth Day! Being a “greenie” I should have known that and now I come to think of it a good friend of mine mentioned it a while ago as her birthday falls on the same day (now I should never forget either).

So what is Earth Day all about? I did a little research and it was apparently founded by John McConnell in 1969 to be held on the March equinox (varying from 20th-23rd April). However, the 22nd April was his birthday and now many countries use this date as the official day of celebration. I think he is still alive (finding no reference to his death) which means today he is 93!

It is a day intended to inspire awareness of and appreciation for the Earth’s environment. This is something which I try to do all the time but I guess having a special day each year dedicated to such can’t be a bad thing.

Here is a poem I found. Simple but inspiring:

RAINDROP SHINING – By John McConnell 1975

With dirt and grime my window pane
Was getting mighty dreary
Like all the trouble in the world
Which is making things so bleary.

But now I have a spark of hope
A raindrop brought it to me
For when a shower came my way
It left a raindrop shining!

Shining with a mystic light
A spot of Sunlit wonder

The message that it brought to me
Was something most profound
“I am but water from the Sea
The Sun and Sea are life for me.
This means of life and energy
Can give me strength so I can be
A source of love and ecstasy.”

So let’s protect the Oceans
And use our Sunshine right
Clean Seas and Solar Energy
Can rid us of our blight.

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