Australia’s Big Brother 2008

Ok, ok, I know it’s sad but the Aussie BB8 kicked off on Monday and as it had taken the spot of Who’s The Biggest Loser Australia (which Mat & I had taken to watching) we couldn’t resist having a look. Of course, the danger is that one look is the slippery slope to addiction and after Monday’s show we also watched most of last night’s too so it doesn’t look good, lol.

Well, I’m guessing that BB Australia is much the same as BB UK in that it started off as a revolutionary concept which captured the nation and then with every following year it slowly deteriorated more and more so that in order to keep viewing levels high the producers had to start introducing various twists and nasty surprises for the housemates.

Well this year in Oz it is no different. In the first 24 hours there was plenty of surprises in store. The first thing was fairly minor in that every housemate was required to bring with them their most treasured possession. They naturally assumed that they would be taking this item with them into the house and when each person had to hand it over before entering, to be placed on the momento table, there were understandably a few disappointed faces.

The second surprise was that they would not be allowed to enter the house (they all entered via the garden) or receive their luggage until the morning, instead having to spend all night outside with only a few rugs between them to keep them warm – I say a big “unlucky” to the housemates who chose to bare as many assets (depending on your taste) as possible by wearing next to nothing, as usual (most of the females – no surprises there then)!

The third surprise followed hot on the tail of the second; they would only be able to enter the house after the first, of many to come apparently, snap evictions. In the morning they would all have to openly vote for someone to leave the Big Brother garden (they would never get to see the house) without the privacy of the diary room! This is a nasty one because right from the start there will be enemies made, without fail.

Well, yesterday the unlucky Terri was evicted. The unfortunate victim (possibly) of ageism as she was the oldest housemate. I think this is a shame as although a lot of people thought they had nothing in common with her I think she would have ended up being a valuable asset to the house and definitely a more sober personality to balance out the rowdiness of youth.

On eventually entering the house the housemates were greeted with the fourth surprise – a bigger twist on BB UK’s last year where there was a mix of single and double beds – there was just one, massive, giant bed with one huge duvet that they would all have to share! Me thinks I will have to watch tonight’s episode to see how they fare with that one.

Anyway, the bitching and forming of cliques has already started and I could go on and on but I shall leave it there for now and wait to see how things develop. Here are the housemates’ mugshots that I pinched from the official BB Australia website:

Alice Ben Bianca Brigette David Dixie Nobbi Rebecca Renee Rima Rory Saxon Terri Travis

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