Cold-Blooded Little Cutie

One early morning this week it was particularly cold (for an Australian Autumn) and I was busily working away at the office when Sam, our in-house mechanic, came in. As he approached he opened out his hand to reveal the cutest little baby Water Dragon I’ve ever seen.

Actually it was the first baby Water Dragon I have seen out here. He (or she) was about 2.5 inches long in body length and was lying very still in Sam’s hand not looking particularly healthy. Sam said he had found him in the workshop and he was obviously very cold so had brought him in to warm him up a bit.

The first thing I thought about doing was taking a photograph but unfortunately my camera battery had packed up earlier when I had tried taking pictures of a particularly beautiful Liquidambar in full Autumn colours (something not overly common in Australia as the native trees do not shed their leaves in Autumn but instead continually drop leaves throughout the year). Sam suggested I look after the little thing until he had warmed up a bit, something I was all too happy to do, and then left me to it.

I got on with my work one-handed for about ten minutes and then suddenly he started to perk up a bit and wriggle about. I let him climb over my hands for a while until it was clear he was feeling a lot more chipper and then I took him outside to find a nice big flat rock for him to bask in the sun on. It was still a little chilly but as I lowered him down he jumped out of my hands and took up position in a good spot.

I’m guessing the little fellow would probably have been fine without mine and Sam’s assistance but I don’t think a little TLC did him any harm either. He certainly seemed happy enough when I left him on his rock. It’s just a shame I didn’t manage to get a photo but hopefully I will get another chance to snap one at some point.

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