For Beer Lovers

Now itÒ€ℒs not just a rumour that Aussies love their beer; after living here in Australia for over six months now I would say that most of the Aussies I have met most definitely appreciate an alcoholic beverage of the beer variety.

As Australia is so multi-cultural there are probably a lot of people here with friends or family back in America. As most of my friends and family are back in the UK I know how hard it can be to organise birthday presents and the like to be sent back. So what better way to show someone who lives in America you care about them than to give them a membership to the beer of the month club?

Beer of the month club ships all over the US. For only $31.95 per month they will deliver a 12 pack containing four different types of freshly brewed, fine, hand-crafted beer to your door from different American microbreweries all over the US. Not only do you get to give a great gift, you will also be supporting small specialist local breweries.

If your special someone is not into beer, instead of the monthly beer club you could opt for the wine or cigar of the month club amongst other options. With no minimum membership period this gift can suit any budget. In fact, it sounds so good I will have to see if there is something similar based in the UK πŸ™‚

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