Driving is Enjoyable Again Thanks to the Fooies!

For the last six weeks I have been driving Hayley’s car to work as she is on holiday. As I didn’t have my own transport when she left she very kindly let me borrow it (a HUGE thank you to Hails cos it’s been fantastic) and I have kept driving it up until the end of last week so that Mat could tinker with the Suzuki when he got home from work.

However, I have been driving the Suzuki this week as Hayley’s car is out of fuel and I haven’t got around to filling it up yet; lol, lazy or what! Anyway, it suddenly occurred to me last night that the Suzuki now has a CD player in it, something which Hayley’s does not have and something which Mat’s ute does have but due to lack of CDs we’ve just got out of the habit of using it. So, this morning I grabbed the new Foo Fighters album, Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace, on my way out of the door and slipped it into the CD player as I drove out of the drive.

The first track was The Pretender which I banged out as loud as I possibly could:

Wow, I hadn’t realised how much I had missed listening to music of my choice as opposed to the radio. I’m not knocking the radio and Triple J has certainly introduced me to a few new Aussie bands that I really like, however, nothing beats listening to my faves at top volume, something which is hard to do at home when there are “neighbours to consider”.

This should mean my journey home is a lot more pleasant also. For some reason I’ve never minded driving to work as there’s never much on the roads at 6.30am and I normally have my head in the clouds, literally, gazing at the views as the sun is rising and trying to see good photo opportunities. The home trip, however, normally takes twice as long, it’s down hill so the views are disappearing and the rush hour traffic riles me no end (must get around to writing a post on Aussie drivers!).

I say music really is vital nourishment for the Body, Mind and Soul!

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