Hip Hop Lyrics Deciphered

I owe my appreciation of hip hop and rap to my bro who introduced me to the genre about ten years ago now. I used to spend long hours just chilling round at his yard and consequently, as he is big into his hip hop, got to listen to a lot of it.

Rap Artists is a website which lists hip hop and rap artists’ song lyrics. As well as this, each artist that is listed also has a biography and other information of interest, eg. discography listing. The site is quite comprehensive and has a lot of useful information aside from the lyrics including a forum. The one disadvantage that I can see is that so far it only lists what I would class as popular artists or American artists. I did a search for a few of my UK faves, Taskforce and Phi-Life Cypher, and these were not on here, neither was The Herd or Pegz (Aussie hip hop artists that I have discovered since living over here). However, new artists are being added all the time so maybe they will feature in the future.

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