Moonrise Over Collaroy Beach

Last month I was driving home from work and was stopping off at Tom and Chris’ on the way to pick up Mat as he was round there having a beer with them. As I was driving down the hill I marvelled at the beautiful mauve sky which complimented the almost full (it was one day off), silvery moon perfectly.

As I approached the turn off to Fielding Street instead of turning right I decided to pull over into the beach front car park and take some pictures first.

The following are some of the better results I got and considering I did not have a tripod I think they have come out quite well (if you click on the photos you can display them at full size if you wish):

This photo shows the moon over the sea with a bit of Norfolk Island Pine showing in the foreground (a tree which is prolific along many beach fronts in the Sydney area due to it having favourable properties for making ships’ masts; in the olden days damaged ships could pull in, cut them down to build new masts and then continue on their way).

I have not post-processed these photos in any way apart from a little bit of cropping here and there. With this one I have used the technique of using the Pine foliage in the foreground to avoid having an empty expanse of sea and sky. I’m not sure if the composition is ideal, i.e. rule of thirds, but I don’t think it’s too bad.

This one does not use any foreground foliage to fill up the space but I have made better use of the rule of thirds and the grass in the foreground takes up more space. The horizon isn’t completely level but I believe this can be touched up in photoshop (I just haven’t learnt how yet). I certainly wouldn’t hang this photo on the wall but it’s all good practice.

I cropped this photo the most as to start with the moon was dead centre which looked odd and the whole of the Norfolk Island Pine was visible. By removing one side of the pine I think I removed it from potentially being the primary focus, which was not the intention, and also caused the moon to move off-centre. I made use of the interesting shape of the Banksia nuts and branches to take up more foreground space but cropped a bit more than I should have liked to avoid centring the moon again. I think that there is perhaps too much ground in the picture at the bottom but have not cropped it any more as this would centre the moon again. All in all I quite like this photo but think the composition has fatal flaws that I cannot rectify no matter how much I play around with the cropping.

I have included this photo, not because it has wall display potential (my ultimate goal), but because the moon came out so focused. Pretty good considering I only have a 3x digital zoom on my humble little Canon Digital Ixus 500 and was not using a tripod.

I’m quite chuffed with these photos considering I’m a complete novice. However, I welcome any advice and constructive criticism from more experienced photographers with open arms. Please fell free to comment away 🙂

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