Palm Beach Jaunt

After a lazy loll in bed on Saturday morning until 9am Mat and me decided it would be nice to go out for a late breakfast/early lunch. A quick shower later we were in the Suzuki and on our way to find a nice little cafe somewhere we hadn’t been before. We ended up on Warriewood Beach (the second one up from Narrabeen) which was absolutely chocker with surfer dudes as the waves were pretty big. After paying $3 for a parking ticket however (something which isn’t all that common except in the city and on the popular beach fronts) we were disappointed to find the beach cafe was just closing so we went for a little walk up to Turimetta Head to watch the surfers instead.

After we’d been blown about by the wind for a bit we made our way back to the car and ended up in a little cafe in Narrabeen that we had actually been to before with Tom, Steve and Chris back in the summer. We had to sit inside this time but it was nice and cosy and I had the most fabulous huge vege burger for less than $9 with a camomile tea. If I could remember the name of the place I would highly recommend it.

After our meal we decided to go for a little jaunt and ended up driving all the way up the Barrenjoey peninsula to Palm Beach where I took the following photo:

It was very grey and atmospheric and the waves were crashing against the rocks off to the right of the headland. You can see why it is called Palm Beach from the picture from Google Earth I have included.

Palm Beach is where Home & Away gets filmed, otherwise known as Summer Bay and as we were leaving we drove past the Palm Beach Surf Club. This is actually the Summer Bay Surf Club and if we had had any sense we would have got out of the car and taken a walk round to the beach front side to see the Summer Bay sign. Alas, we didn’t, and until we go back and I get another picture you will just have to take my word for it.

As we made our way down to the south end of Palm Beach Mat spotted this girt twin-stemmed Norfolk Island Pine and exclaimed it was had the largest girth round the base that he had seen so far. Of course we got the camera out again and tried to take a picture that didn’t include the fishermen that suddenly arrived and parked next to it just as we got out of the Suzuki (intentionally included in picture so you can marvel at her beauty 😛 ):

After again, marvelling at the huge waves and the multitude of surfers that looked a bit like penguins with their wetsuits on, we continued on our way back home. We had a couple of more stops to look at various view points and pulled over to take this picture:

I forget where we were but by looking at Google Earth and the houses on the green bit of land jutting out I deduce it must have been Whale Beach which is the first beach south of Palm Beach. Unfortunately the rainbow was on its last legs but it shows what a dark and mysterious day it had been weather wise.

At some point I must get around to posting a complete and annotated picture of the Northern Beaches so you can see where everything is in relation to where we live. It’s pretty awesome and I really should start to appreciate it a bit more because I truly don’t. It’s all very well dreaming of the rolling Cotswolds and wishing I could go for a walk up Leckhampton Hill but when I eventually come home I know I will miss having the sea on the doorstep amongst other things.

Anyway, to finish off, it was nearly dark by the time we got home and after a little rest we then went out with Tom, Chris, Steve and two of their female friends that are currently visiting. We all went round to Drew & Lee’s new house for a bit of a beer fest. Against my better judgement I ended up consuming a rather large amount of vodka (Chris & Irina, you would be proud) and got the most pissed I’ve been since Mat’s leaving party back in the UK last September. It was much fun and that’s all I’m going to say about it!

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