New Walking Regime

Tonight I started on what is hopefully going to be a road to recovery for my recent slothfulness.

It was Kat’s idea (as she has started a new office based job also) to join up and support each other in going for a brisk walk three nights a week. As it is winter at the moment it gets dark around 5pm (though now that Longest Night has passed the nights will be slowly drawing out) so we figured as well as having moral support and encouragement from each other when we may not be feeling as enthusiastic as we should, it would also be a lot safer going out together.

We set off from Kat’s house and walked to Narrabeen Lake, round the edge until we got to Woolworths (Aussie NSW equivalent to Tescos) where we crossed the road and nipped in so Kat could purchase a few groceries. We then continued to follow the lake edge for a short distance until houses prevented us from going any further, then we went east towards the sea and walked back via the road.

The whole walk didn’t take us much over half an hour but we were taking it at a brisk speed and by the time I got back I had worked up a good sweat so I think the length and pace was just right to start off with. We are all set to do the same again tomorrow 🙂

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