Friday at the Surf Rock

Last Friday was Tom, Chris and Steve’s last day at Plateau Tree Service. Tom will be heading out to Perth for a couple of months before returning to the UK. Chris and Steve are going to Cairns for a few days, then coming back to Collaroy for a day or two before heading out to Thailand. They are doing a bit of travelling before also then returning to the UK in September.

After work the lads came back to the yard for the usual Friday beers and we also had snags on the barbeque as is traditional when it’s someone’s last day. After this some of us decided to meet up again later at the Surf Rock in Collaroy for a proper knees up.

By the time Mat & I arrived at around 7.30pm everyone that was there was quite merry already.

Tom, Chris and Johnny

Chris and Steve

Drew, Gids & Mat

It wasn’t long before we noticed that Chris had disappeared and only found out the next day that he had in fact got thrown out by the bouncers at 8.30am. One down and two to go as all three of them had the aim to get thrown out and leave in style on their last night.

Sorry Tom, I couldn’t resist including this one 🙂

Steve had a little mishap with his beer and accidentally threw it all over himself and Tom

I think it was shortly after this, when everyone decided to go upstairs for a dance, that the bouncers noticed how drunk Steve was and threw him out, round about 9.30pm. The funny thing about Australia is you can be thrown out for just being drunk, even if you are being very well behaved. It just takes a little stumble or sign that you are tipsy and if the bouncers don’t like your face they can give you the old heave-ho. But good old Steve went quietly with his usual humour and attempt to give everyone some love on the way out.

After we witnessed his departure we all quickly sneaked upstairs and managed to get away without any more ejections. Tom had in fact sobered up a little but not enough to decline having a fake tattoo stuck to his forehead by a couple of young ladies advertising Jack Daniels:

We all ended up outside on the balcony for a good while as it’s the only place you can smoke. It rained a little here and there but they had outside heaters so it wasn’t too cold.

Mat, Tom & Lee

Aaron shelters Gabbie & Nickie from the rain (though I suspect it was more like they harassed him into it)

And last but not least a picture of me and the young peanut head

Mat & I ended up leaving around midnight when everyone else decided it would be a good idea to go and start dancing. We found out the following day that Tom got his wish granted and was thrown out at around 1.30am kicking and screaming. In fact he says he was carried out above two bouncers’ heads and must have put up a fight because he had some meaty bruises on his arm. He was highly chuffed about this and was declared the winner, i.e. he managed to stay the longest.

I don’t quite understand the need for all three to be thrown out but no harm was done and they were all happy so that’s the main thing I guess 🙂

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