To Perth We Go

Hello everyone, a fair bit has happened since my last post (which I haven’t finished yet, I know) so I thought I better give a quick update while I have a spare few seconds.

I am currently unemployed as on Friday morning I was made redundant from Plateau Tree Service. Whilst I was wonderng what I was going to do Mat was extremely supportive, booked a week off work and declared we were going to make the most of my two weeks notice and go on holiday to see a bit of this gurt island we are on.

At first we thought we might go south on a road trip and do the Great Ocean Road. However, on speaking to Tom last night on Skype, who is currently in Perth for a month or so before his return to Yorkshire, we decided why not go there?

I have just booked our tickets so it’s now a definite. I’m so excited, we intend to hire a camper van and go and see some big trees. Apparently Steve and his girlfriend Janine went there. There is one called the Bicentennial Tree which is really tall and has iron pegs all the way round so you can walk up it.

Anyway, that’s it for now. I have to go and get tarted up as Mat, me and Steve are going out for a posh meal in Newport with some peeps from Plateau to celebrate Kat’s new job and her first proper pay packet 🙂

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