Bellies Full of Arms and Legs

It seems to be the time of year at the moment for good news regarding little newcomers on their way. Before I left Plateau one of my colleagues there left to go on maternity leave. I recently also received the good news that another friend of mine, Michelle from my last place of work in the UK, is expecting her second baby in December. A huge CONGRATULATIONS to Michelle and Jim 🙂

It has started me thinking about the whole “starting a family” thing; a very scary thought as I am approaching thirty with great speed. It’s a catch twenty two as far as I’m concerned; I don’t really want to be having children too late in life (ie. preferably not over the age of thirty five) but at the same time I would like to have settled down, at least found a career path to head down (I’m currently still wandering through life aimlessly not knowing what I want to do) and feel like I am mature enough to cope with the responsibility of bringing new life into the world. Hmm, I should really just be grateful for the fact that I am actually in a committed relationship, therefore making motherhood an option. Mat is certainly keen to be father, I am probably just over thinking things as usual.

Once you do decide to start a family I guess it depends how you go about things as to how many pregnancy tests you might require. For some people, a new life developing may come as a pleasant surprise, where as for others, they may plan everything form day one. Part of the reason I would like children before I am thirty five is so that hopefully it will be easier.

If however, you don’t want to plan on leaving things to fate then this website offers some good deals on kits of pregnancy and ovulation tests. I’d never heard of ovulation tests before but apparently they are used to determine when you are going to ovulate, therefore be most fertile and thus when the best times for “trying” are. This could be especially useful if you want to conceive at a particular time of year, have a spring or autumn baby etc, etc.

The products do not claim to be any better or worse than the leading brands on the market but are certainly very much cheaper meaning you don’t have to spend a fortune on what could otherwise be a pretty expensive operation. I like the idea of being more in control, but then that probably says a lot about me!

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