Trying My Hand At Gardening

After doing a trial day on Friday I officially started my new job today with a small garden maintenance business in Mosman.

Over the last three weeks I applied for a lot of jobs, mostly admin and accounting type roles, and I was beginning to give up hope as nobody was replying to my applications. However, last week it all went a bit mad and, like buses, I suddenly found myself with a few to choose from. I was offered two office jobs in Chatswood, which is a nasty place to get to in rush hour, then an agency I had signed up with started coming up with more jobs to put me forward for. After a lot of umming and ahing I finally decided to ditch the office altogether and turned down the first two in favour of gardening.

I wasn’t sure whether I had actually got the job until yesterday as Graham, who’s business it is, had a few more people to try out. It’s long hours as I meet the crew at 7am and don’t finish until 5pm but the people are sound and I don’t have to spend all day humping great big logs around like I did at Plateau.

Saying that, today was hard work as I had to help dig up a load of Bamboo roots and then dig a trench to put metal sheets in, to prevent the Bamboo from spreading again. There was just me and another lad, Beau, and by the end of the day I was about ready to drop. My muscles are certainly going to ache tomorrow and I shall sleep very well indeed. It feels good to be working again though and nice to be outside instead of stuck in an office with permanent air-con (which I’m sure is what was causing my allergy as since leaving Plateau’s office my nose has been fine).

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