Triple J, Fate & A Musical Legend!

So how are these three things related you are probably wondering?

Well, after the non existent storm that was promised to rage over Sydney last night it did at least begin to rain this morning. Of course it was dry by the time I left for work but it wasn’t long before the drizzle and intermittant showers started and by 8.45am the consensus was to jack it in for the day. Once home I set to doing a little tidying and what not and decided to put some music on. After deliberating for a while I decided on the radio and started listening to Triple J through the computer. Just recently I have heard some good stuff on this station and have taken to listening to it in the car instead of my usual cd of choice, just because I thought about all the good stuff I would have missed out on if I didn’t (I am not usually a huge fan of the radio, easily bored by music that does nothing for me).

Anyway, about an hour ago my ears perked up when I heard an intrumental guitar piece that instantly grabbed me. After the opening bars a fantastic electric guitar came in and I thought to myself “that sounds a bit like Neil Young and Crazy Horse”; my absolute all time favourite artist.

I listened keenly to see if the DJ would announce who it was afterwards, not holding out a lot of hope as they have an annoying habit of not doing this very often. Anyway, to my delight they said it was from the soundtrack to the film Dead Man, and to my surprise went into a little bit more detail saying that it was in fact written by Neil Young (my musical ear is obviously more finely tuned than I think it is). Not only that, the soundtrack was not recorded from a score but instead Neil Young apparently just sat down and played from his emotional reaction to watching the film. This just goes to show that the man truely is a Legend! Here’s the piece from youtube:

(Mum, this is a video, not a picture and to play it you click on the little sideways triangle!)

I was just thinking to myself, “Bloody Hell, Triple J has introduced me to another little gem” when they went on to mention that Neil Young would be touring Australia next year. “”Oh my god!!! Can it be true?” If I could see anyone live in the whole world it would be Neil Young and he is actually coming to Australia?

Yes, but only three shows: one in Brisbane on 21st January 2009, one in Sydney on 24th and Melbourne on 28th. “Gold, he’s in Sydney!” “F*&@, all the Sydney tickets are sold out already!”
“This is too pants to be true!” I was already thinking of my dad who said he might be coming out in January and how fantastic it would be if we could go together (he introduced me to Neil Young when I was little).

My thoughts instantly turned to ebay and I did a quick preliminary search. To my delight there are quite a few on auction already, starting from around $450 for a pair. If it is within my power I will be going to that concert. I remember years back Neil Young did a tour in the UK but my dad only found out about it the same day or something and it was too late. I do not want to miss out again.

And that is the story of how fate whispered in my ear for me to listen to Triple J who introduced me to what looks like a great film, a fantastic soundtrack and the tour of a musical legend!

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