Lots of Rain in the UK Again!

We had a fair bit of rain in Sydney today, all over the area in fact and after working hard in the morning, much to everyone’s delight, we got off work early again today.

I thought I would take the opportunity of the extra time and make a much needed post on my blog. There are many things I could and should write about but the current weather has brought to mind some pictures my bro sent me four weeks ago:

At first I couldn’t work out what it was and from the title “Haggard Manor” initially thought they were pictures of an old disused house we had nick-named as such. On closer inspection however, I realised it was a picture of the communal stairs in my brother’s flat. It looks as though someone has been throwing a lot of mud, or worse, about the place.

When I saw this picture I thought I’d got it upside down as it looked to me as if the floorboards had been ripped up.

Then my bro explained that it was in fact the ceiling that had collapsed in the torrential rain they had had that day and this was the remains of it! Thank goodness that it was the ceiling in the communal landing and not actually inside his flat. When I think back to the dodgy dripping that used to occur in wet weather when I was there it could just have easily collapsed over his kitchen.

Now this just goes to show what a dodgy job the landlord got done in “fixing” the roof last year. We had all had a joke and a laugh about the skinflint and his bodge-it ways at the time but this just proves it!

Unpeturbed by the mishap however, I enjoyed my brother’s humerous account of how he had to round up a load of pigeons after they had been unceremoniously dumped into his vestibule, presumably from where they had been nesting up in the loft!

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