Nesting Season For Our Pied Currawongs

One of the most exciting things of being in a different country for me is all the different wildlife. This is something I have meant to make many posts on but have not really done the topic any justice yet.

I thought I would make a quick post on a wonderful, truely majestic type of bird that is common to our area in the Northern Beaches and that is the Currawong. To be specific, the Pied Currawong. It is a corvid and is somewhere inbetween a British Magpie and a Crow. They have the most wonderfully sleek clean lines and a strong powerful beak that is long and full with a slight hook to the tip.

We have a pair nesting in a Palm tree near our balcony and every time we feed the lorikeets (they need a post of their own) they come and watch closely until they think we aren’t watching and then dive in and steal the food. We decided to start feeding them too, bits of bread dipped in leftover meat fat and juices, to encourage them to leave the lorikeets alone and now they are in regular attendance on our balcony. One has even got close enough to snatch a bit directly out of our hands.

However, the common is for us to throw the bread, which they then snatch out of the air as they dive past. I tried to capture this on film to demonstrate but had varying results:

I was going to post a picture, though not the best, I took of one a while ago but for some reason when I click on “insert into post” the text goes in as it should but no picture come up when I preview it. Perhaps the bog fairy might have some ideas as the pictures are still in the gallery so theoretically must be there somewhere. Anyway, when I resolve the issue I will add a pic.

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