Art, Food For The Soul

Art – it is such an ambiguous word and can describe many things, from music to a painting to simply a wonderful landscape, at least in my opinion, art can be whatever you want it to be if it brings you joy.

Whatever your take on art, it is definitely food for the soul and for the past year or more I have had the urge to create some of my own art. I have dabbled over the years in many different crafts but just recently got re-motivated to get out the acrylics by a course that was being run at the local college. It was a short course, just two evenings, on aboriginal art, but I have been so fascinated by the types of paintings that the aboriginals create and the deep stories and legends behind them that I was really inspired to give it a go. I also thought it might help loosen my artist’s block (my excuse for thinking about painting a lot but never actually picking up the brush) and help me find my muse.

However, after spending a whole week really looking forward to it, it was not to be. I had a phone call last Thursday to say that the tutor had unfortunately had to pull out due to personal reasons and that only two people had signed up so it was unlikely to have gone ahead anyway.

Very disheartened, I started to think about whether there were any other courses I could do instead and had a flip through the college pamphlet when I got home. After much deliberation I decided on “Photoshop for photographers”. You might think this a little odd but if you read any of my posts regarding my attempt at getting more into photography, you may recall me talking about the post-processing stage and how Nico demonstrated the difference between a good photo straight from the camera and a good photo that had then been adjusted and enhanced using Photoshop.

So, as Nico never got around to actually showing me how and what he did exactly, I decided this would be a really useful course and at the same time still encourage my artistic side, all be it in a different media. Fortunately I was not too late and attended the first lesson on Monday. We only managed to cover the basics of how a digital camera actually works and some of the settings you need to adjust within photoshop, including monitor callibration. All this in itself was very fascinating and technical and I look forward to next Monday when we will be starting to look at photos themselves and basic techniques for adjustment.

In the mean time, I found this photo saved in my draft posts.

Footprints in the Sand

I had meant to post it back in May when I actually took the picture, but for one reason or another never got around to it. It is a picture of the sun rising over Narrabeen Beach, taken from my little spot I used to visit around 6.30 in the morning before work. I was lucky with this shot because someone had just taken a walk across the sand and left a trail of footprints behind, something which I think adds a certain something to the composition.

Here is a similar one taken in portrait:

These photos have not been post-processed in any way (apart from reducing the size and quality for publishing on the web) and I have been told they have rather a lot of digital noise around the sun due to the limited capacity of my simple camera. Unfortunately I think this is one of the short list of things that can’t be corrected using Photoshop, however, digital noise or not, I like them.

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