A Year and a Day in Oz

I am shattered right now and really must go to bed but I was just about to shut down the pc for the night when I suddenly realised that yesterday was my one year anniversary of landing in Australia.
That means it is a year and a day today and therefore I think a specially important date and milestone.

I am slightly annoyed with myself for not having done something important to commemorate the occasion, but alas, it is too late now and actually, as part of my recent personal development program I am going to give my inner critic a sharp slap and be content with the fact that I have noticed now and am taking the time to mention it on my blog 🙂

So there we go. How time has flown. I have been through many emotional roller coasters over the past year connected with my change of locale, lifesyle and loss of the physical closeness of those that I love. However, I am also having the experience of a lifetime with the love of my life, my beautiful Mat, and am slowly but surely making new friends along the way.

Right now I am sat alone at the pc (Mat went to bed hours ago) with a smile on my face feeling positive and content (that reminds me of a card a friend once scanned for me and I think I still have it, see below). Life is good 🙂

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