Our Friendly Rainbow Lorikeets

Out of all the amazing wildlife we have come across in Australia the Lorikeets are one of the most interactive and friendly, not to mention beautiful, and have to be amongst our favourites. For some reason I have never written a post on them and as we have been here over a year now I think it is well over due.

Even though they are daily visitors to our balcony they are not the easiest creatures to photograph but this is one of the better ones which I have practised my new photoshop skills on to hopefully improve a bit:

Though Lorikeets are very common in this area and there are many that live in the trees surrounding our house, since we moved in last December we have had one pair that seem to have adopted us. I suspect the people that lived here prebiously used to feed them as well, so when we moved in they saw as as their new meal ticket and introduced themselves immediately.

It is not often a day goes by without them alighting on our balcony in the morning or afternoon and chirruping loudly to announce their arrival and demand food. We have taken to giving them small bits of bread loaded with honey, having tried other things including proper lorikeet food which they turned their noses up at.

Here is a video clip I took last December 2007, a week after we moved in. I am trying to demonstrate their friendliness and comical, endearing nature and though it is a bit dark it gives you an idea.

They really are beautifully colourful little birds and certainly go a long way in making up for the lack of my British favourites like the blackbird. I have taken to calling them ‘reets’ for short after the Reets from the MMORG Anarchy Online. They not only walk like them but their chirrupy cheep sounds like them too.

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