New Job Starts Today

This weekend has been emotional and hectic for several reasons, not just because I turned thirty!

Friday was my last day at Graham’s Gardening Services and although there will be a few important things I won’t miss, I will definitely miss everyone I worked with. Over the last three and a half months I have seen a lot of people come and go but whether they stayed for a few days or a month or two I enjoyed the company of all of them. Even though I was the only girl of about seven lads we all seemed to have a bond and got on really well and I want to acknowledge that.

Another thing I will miss will be working outside amongst nature. Spending a lot of time weeding may be boring on one level but fascinating on another as I found I developed a very intimate relationship with the insect world. I’ve rescued hundreds of spiders and their egg sacs which on being disturbed they manage to pick up and drag off somewhere else, I’ve seen a mother spider carrying all her babies on her back (I knew scorpions did this but wasn’t aware that spiders did) and I’ve met lots of cute and bizarre insects that I hadn’t seen before.

I’m glad that I decided to give the gardening a go, even if it didn’t work out. I now know that gardening is not for me and not only that, I have discovered something else about myself; to enjoy my job I require plenty of mental stimulation and ongoing learning. This is why I have got myself another job back in the office. It has taken a while but I have finally got a job as an accounts clerk so am looking forward to finding out all the differences between English and Australian rules.

The actual job is nice and local at a place called Sunnyfield in Allambie Heights. They provide work, accommodation and activities etc. for mentally disabled people. They have person centred work ethics and all seem a lovely bunch of people so I’m looking forward to going in for my first day in an hour or so 🙂 I better get cracking!

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