Christmas Party Debauchery

After my birthday bash the previous night we had less than twelve hours to sleep and recover before starting all over again. Plateau Tree Service had their christmas party on the Sunday at 12.30pm and where else but back at the Surf Rock again!

We were going to walk but the weather was absolutely foul so we drove round to Sol and Jodie’s who live about the same distance as us but in the opposite direction. We had been invited round there for pre-party drinks and hoped that the rain would ease before leaving. As it happens it didn’t but Jodie wasn’t drinking so she drove the girls (Sparky and Bryony had also joined us) and the lads made do with umbrellas.

It was really lovely to see everyone from Plateau again, quite a few I hadn’t seen since I was made redundant back in July. There was free beer (VB), wine and champers and assorted trays of food so obviously the majority of people took full advantage. It wasn’t long before most of us were in varying states of inebriation. I do wonder on the reasons behind having the party on a Sunday arvo as opposed to a Saturday night as everyone had work in the morning (except for me hee hee ha ha) and it didn’t seem as though anyone was letting that thought hold them back at all.

It wasn’t too long before things declined slightly and people started getting thrown out for various mishaps including dancing on the tables, frisbying drink trays, moonies and peeing on the balcony! At the time I didn’t think to take any pictures unfortunately, though I suspect that is not such a bad thing. Especially when things got so bad that the police were called to extrodite some of the more difficult culprits.

There is something you need to understand for those readers in the UK and that is that it was nowhere near as bad as it sounds. Australian bars are very intolerant to drunk people, something I consider to be a little odd considering the main purpose of a bar is to serve alcohol which invariably leads to some customers becoming as such. Anyway, basically, over here, if you look at all drunk in the slightest you will not get served and if you are as quiet and inoffensive as a mouse but the barstaff happen to notice you can’t quite walk in a straight line you are in danger of being thrown out.

None of the Plateau party were being rude or offensive as far as I know (apart from perhaps the peeing and frisby throwing) but by 6pm ish there were very few of us left. Not really feeling like going home, Mat and I accepted an invitation to DaveO’s house together with Alex (aka The Sheriff), Bowie, Wayland and Kirstie. It’s in Avalon, a fair way up the peninsular towards Palm Beach, so we all managed to clamber on the bus after a little disagreement between Kirstie, the bus driver and a sticky-beak customer who seemed to think we were too drunk to travel (?!). I must point out that I had stopped drinking a while ago and was the most sober person there.

After a much extended walk up what seemed like a very steep hill we eventually arrived at DaveO’s at about 8.30pm ish. I’m not sure where all the time went but we were all hungry so set about ordering pizzas and getting some music going before ascending the steps to DaveO’s famous shed.

Mat and I have been to DaveO’s shed a couple of times before and it must be said, it’s a rather cool and special place. He basically has a lovely house on the side of the hill but the garden slopes up massively at the back. He has made good use of the space and made steps all the way up to the top where he has his “shed” and a patio that are nicely tucked out of the way of the main house. This is especially useful at time like this where people have a tendancy to be a little rowdy but it is important we don’t disturb his wife (who is heavily pregnant) and his young children. DaveO, being a tree lopper, has many interesting things made out of wood including lots of “little people” that sit amongst the bush behind the patio. They are simple upturned branches specially selected with three forks so they sit in a tripod fashion. In the dark they give the appearance of little men and can look quite creepy, especially when one has been drinking or having a smoke!

DaveO also a love of fires so it wasn’t long before we had one raging and I set about trying to get some pictures taken. It is difficult to demonstrate DaveO’s Shed exactly, as it is always dark when we are there. However, here are some various pictures of us all chilling out:

[click on individual pictures to enlarge]

By about 10pm ish Kirstie started to panic slightly as both she and Wayland had to get back to the other side of the city before work the following day. They managed to call a cab and as they would be passing through Collaroy on the way Mat and I jumped in with them. I’m so glad I didn’t have to work the next day. Mat managed to get up for work the next day and amazingly I got up at the same time (5.55am!) as I didn’t want to waste my day off. As far as I know I don’t think anyone called in sick due to the previous day’s debauchery so if I were the boss I would be pretty impressed.

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