Cheap Arse Tuesday!

Today is Cheap Arse Tuesday (Tight Arse Tuesday/Cheaper Tuesday – various versions are used) which is an Australian phenominon and means a lot of things are cheaper on a Tuesday, the main one being fuel – yes, servos across the country all lower their prices on a Tuesday!

Various other shops and restaurants take advantage of Cheap Arse Tuesday to offer a discount and encourage people to purchase on a day that otherwise might be quite slow. Dominoes Pizza for example advertise “Dominoes Cheaper Tuesday” and offer any large pizza for about $5 – now that’s pretty cheap.

Anyway, I rarely take advantage of the offers but today I needed fuel so decided to fill up on the way home from work. Petrol prices have been steadily dropping over the last couple of months and have gone down from around $1.60 per litre to today’s price of a mere $0.97! For all you guys in the UK $1.60 is still pretty cheap but 97c?.. phenominal! And not only that, I had a Woolworths (like Tesco) voucher giving me a further 4c discount!

The snag with getting fuel on Cheap Arse Tuesday is that there tend to be long queues at any time of day but for $0.93 it was well worth the wait.

After I had filled up I dropped into our local video rental shop to pick up the next DVD in the series of Heroes Season 1 (having watched our supply of things I brought over on my portable hard drive from the UK we are now getting desparate for decent TV viewing). Each disc has three or four episodes on them and costs $4.95 for three nights. After handing the disc over to the attendant she informed me because it is Cheap Arse Tuesday all DVDs are $2 with a minimum charge of $4, meaning I got two DVDs for less than half the price of a normal one!

Wow, that was unexpected! Can you imagine the UK doing this? I don’t think so! Only the Aussies eh!

Gotta love Cheap Arse Tuesday 🙂

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