We’re Moving

A while ago Mat and I and our friends Kat and Nick all decided it would be a good idea to move in together.

Mat’s dad is visiting in March and hopefully my bro and my dad will be coming out at some point as well, and with only a one bedroom flat we won’t have much room for visitors. Nick and Kat both fancied finding somewhere a bit bigger as well and the consensus was that if we club our budgets together we could afford a much bigger place if we shared. Both Mat and I have had house shares in the past which worked really well so I think it should be a good move for all of us.

We have had a couple of Saturday’s now where we have gone round looking at places. The Australian’s have a strange system where instead of organising appointments with Estate Agents to suit you all properties, for rent or sale, have specified viewing times on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s. It’s called “open house” and each one is normally “open” for fifteen to twenty minutes. You have to draw up a schedule of all the places you want to see and hope you can get to them all in time. We were lucky with ours, none clashed and although it involved a lot of driving up and down the peninsular, we managed to see everything on our list.

Some were good and some were not worth the money but after a non-successful application for a really big posh place last week Kat spotted this advertisement:

We weren’t sure what the actual house would be like before we went as the advert concentrated on the amazing views. When we got there, last Saturday, we discovered there had been a bit of confusion as the agent wasn’t there but we decided to knock on the door anyway and were lucky enough that the owner was in and didn’t mind showing us round. He was a lovely English gentleman from XXX and was letting the property because he had to go back to the UK to look after his elderly mother.

The house itself was fantastic. It had two bedrooms and a bathroom on the ground floor just off the main living area with the master bedroom opening out onto the main balcony with the amazing views of Pittwater. Then there was a set of spiral stairs leading down into another living area with two more bedrooms and a bathroom with the same layout as upstairs. The bigger bedroom again leading out onto another balcony also overlooking Pittwater. It was exactly what we were after because it meant we would each have our separate space and room for guests.

We discussed our plans with the owner and thought we were in with a chance because he seemed to like us. Even though we had to apply through the agency it’s the owner that gets final say.

Anyway, the following Monday we received our application forms and collated the hundred points of ID we needed to provide. This is another Aussie thing where you have to photocopy a million and one different documents to prove you are who you say you are (I explained it in a bit more detail in a revious post). Personally I think the country is a bit Big Brotherish as I often have to provide details to people which I think, quite frankly, are just none of their business. Like, for example, the agency wanted to know all our driving licence numbers and car registrations (? how is that relevant to renting a property?) and when I started my new job they wanted a photocopy of my driving licence as well as my passport (I can understand passport as I am foreign and they need proof of my visa but two lots of photo ID is a little excessive in my opinion). Anyway, there are heaps of other examples I could bore you with but I digress from my story.

Kat faxed our applications off on Tuesday and yesterday I was sat at my desk when my mobile rang; it was Kat. The agent had called to say we had been successful and could move in on the 20th! How cool is that? The only downside to it is that will be further to travel to work and will take me probably around forty minutes instead of my current fifteen. However, I think that will be a relatively small price to pay for the luxury of loads of space, fantastic views and being in stumbling distance of DaveO’s shed and our other friends, Alex (The Sheriff) and Anoula!

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