Gotta Love Council Clean-Ups

It’s Council Clean-up time again in our suburb and due to our pending move, it couldn’t have come at a more opportune moment.

Council Clean-Up comes around every six months and allows everyone to throw away any junk that they don’t need anymore and won’t fit in the normal waste bin. People pile up all their unwanted items outside their houses on the nature strip (grass by pavement or curb) and then the council comes along and removes it.

It’s a brilliant service for so many reasons. We bought a new (second hand from Vinnie’s) three piece suite on Saturday ready for our move as our old one, which was kindly donated to us by Ant when we had nothing, is now more than a little past it’s best. We were thinking we were going to have to take it to the tip but Council Clean-Up means all we had to do was drag it up the drive and start a pile to which we can now add more stuff we no longer need.

Another huge bonus is that Council Clean-Up = FREE STUFF!!!

We spent Sunday morning driving up and down the roads looking for anything that we could make use of, and we sure found some little gems:

A big and wonderfully solid outdoor wooden table – perfect for our new communal BBQ area.
Two solid pine desks with drawers – in need of a little rub down but otherwise perfect for our respective spare rooms; one for me and Mat and one for Kat & Nick (if they wish).
A perfectly good plastic full-length reclining chair – just missing a cushion which will be easy enough to get from somewhere.
A funky wicker box with lid – perfect for storing stuff in.
A little wooden table – ideal as a coffee table or possibly a bedside table.
The top part to a pine Welsh dresser which I will use as a bookshelf.
A lap top – missing it’s power cable and without an operating system but certainly worth looking at.

The list goes on and people are still adding to the piles so depending on when the Council picks everything up, we may aqcuire some more free stuff yet.

On top of it being a massive free-for-all it’s got to be one of the best ways to recycle and re-use. You find all sorts of people trawling through the piles from tramps to people out to make a quick buck by re-selling others’ cast-outs. As you can tell, I’m very enthusiastic about it, but then how could you not be?

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