Dinner With Nick & Roz

A while ago I was catching up with my friend Chris’ blog and came across this post saying that his brother Nick, his girlfriend Roz and Roz’s mum were all going off on a trip to Australia.

I immediately replied, asking whereabouts they were going in Australia, and if they were going to be anywhere in the Sydney vicinity then we should organise to meet up. Chris passed a message on to his brother and shortly afterwards Nick gave me a ring to discuss dates. It turned out they had first flown to Sydney and been there a while but were now off on a trip round different parts of Australia. They would be back in December though and we planned to meet up then.

I was really excited about seeing them; it would be the first time I’d seen someone I know from the UK since last November when my aunty and uncle made a twelve hour stop in Sydney on their way to Tasmania to visit my cousin. It seemed like ages away but December came around fast and we finally met up with them at Turramurra train station on Monday.

Roz has relatives in Turramurra which is really handy because it is closer to us than Sydney itself. We decided to go and eat at an Indian restaurant in St Ives that they recommended; The Road To Goa. It was a little drive away and as we had the ute with only three seats Mat made two trips.

He dropped me and Roz off first and we went to the bottle’o to buy beers and get a table while Mat went back for Nick. Because it was a Goan restaurant the menu was slightly different to that of a traditional Indian but delicious none the less and we will definitely be going back again sometime.

It was really lovely to be able to catch up with Nick and Roz and hear all about their travels. They had been to see Uluru in the Northern Territory, the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns, Melbourne, Adelaide, Tasmania and Sydney. They had also stopped off in Hong Kong on the way and were going back to the UK via America. We got some good travel tips off them and had a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

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