Baby Currawong Not So Baby Anymore

Some of the things I will miss most when we move is our resident Lorikeet and Currawong families.

I mentioned back in October that we had a pair of Currawongs nesting in a neighbouring palm tree and they kept visiting our balcony for extra food.

Well, not long after that, Baby left the nest. Mat noticed that the incessant cawing was no long coming from the top of the palm tree but from the bottom and when we looked we could no longer see the big black blob amongst the fronds. Mat was a bit worried that Baby had fallen out of the nest and was unable to fly but I assured him it would be ok; I had just recently read an article in the local paper about WIRES (The NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue & Education Service) being inundated with baby currawongs and magpies where poeple had thought they’d fallen out of the nest by accident and needed “rescuing”. Wires sent out a plea to leave them where they fell as it was completely normal and all part of their flying lessons.

By the evening we were relieved to hear Baby cawing from the safety of our Umbrella tree at the bottom of the garden and from there, there was no stopping him. He is a very noisy baby and even now, two months later there is no sign of the distinctive “currawock, currawong” adult call that presumably gives them their name. He just continues cawing repeatedly for food and can be heard from various surrounding trees regularly throughout the day. Saying that, I think this last week must have been a turning point as I haven’t heard him for a while now. Maybe he has finally taken off to find himself his own terriory away from mum and dad.

Anyway, for the first time last week, Mum (or maybe it was Dad) brought Baby with them to visit our balcony. He started screeching at the top of his voice for food and Mum started tearing up bits of bread for him. I quickly snatched up my camera and started to film through the closed glass door but as always, for some reason they got camera shy and flew off.

It doesn’t show much and you can’t even hear Baby’s sqwarking through the closed door and over Mat and Kat chattering in the background. However, you can see how big Baby is now (on the left). He doesn’t have much baby fluff left and you can just see a bit of yellow still left round his beak (not in the video).

I have missed Baby this week but Mum and Dad have started coming back to the balcony (something they didn’t do as much once Baby had left the nest) and harrassing the ‘Reets’ for their food so it looks like things are starting to go back to normal.

I wonder if they will miss us when we are gone…[sigh]

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