Yachts & Dinghys on Stormy Pittwater

I took these photos a couple of weeks ago. I had just got home from work and after a stinking hot day there was the beginnings of a stormy front sweeping in. The wind had obviously picked up because on looking out towards Pittwater the expanse seen from our balcony was covered in dozens of little white sails.

My first thought was how I wished my dad could be there to see it, being a dinghy enthusiast, and so I decided to do the next best thing and take some pictures for him.

Yachts on Pittwater

I’m not a huge fan of boats in general but I have spent some very enjoyable times with my dad out on his Laser 3000. Mostly on lakes, but we did have an adventure on the open sea once when we took it up to Abersoch in North Wales one Easter. There is something really exhilliarating about having to harness the natural elements, wind and water, and use them to your advantage, unlike power boats, which I’m sure are just as exhilliarating for some people but in a different way.

More Yachts on Pittwater

I can’t wait for my dad to come for a visit so we can go and try our hand at sailing on the vast expanse of Pittwater.

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