First Day of Autumn

Today is Autumn Equinox for those of us inhabiting the southern hemisphere. At 10.44pm tonight, according to Sydney Observatory, the Sun will cross from the southern hemisphere back to the northern hemisphere and will mark the beginning of Autumn and the turning towards the dark months and cold moons. It is one of two nights in the year when the Sun sets precisely in the west so is particularly useful for star gazing as directions are easy to guage. The nights will start to draw in and I will probably start to feel christmasy, even though I am no longer in the UK and christmas now occurs in the middle of Summer for me.

I will also start to look forward to the beautiful autumn colour; those reds and oranges and yellows of the autumn leaves. Though I will have to look a lot harder for them here in Australia as the majority of the native trees, gums, eucs and suchlike, drop their leaves continuously through the year and therefore do not bless us with the wonderful autumn display of colour that I am used to. I will have to go in search of rows of Liquidamber which are popular in some suburbs, as they provide a particularly magnificent display.

To those of my friends back in the UK, I wish you a very happy Vernal Equinox, my personal favourite day of the year. All that promise of longer days and the warmth of Spring and wild flowers in abundance everywhere you look. I am very much looking forward to my holiday back home in April in which I can spend my time reaquainting myself with the beautiful English countryside and all its gifts of nature.

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